Manicure Styles Offered By Nail Salons In Jacksonville

Before you start to get a good manicure, it is essential to know some tips for nail care. It is essential to moisturize the hands and pampers it by going to a nail salon. The hands continually suffer from external aggression, cold, and household chores. That is why a good hydration assures us not only beauty but also health.
Another important point is what type of treatment to give your nails? Often we are having difficulty in choosing a style such as a claw oval or a square.

Nail salon artificial nails

Do you know how to choose fake nails? Below we offer all the necessary information for you to make a decision and get perfect nails.

There are two types of artificial nails, the porcelain, and gel. Both have advantages and disadvantages. However, it is true that in recent years the gel seems to have more prominence.

Porcelain nails: Manicurists will advise you to have porcelain if you have damaged nails (soft, dull, bites, etc.). However, they have more disadvantages than the gel. Porcelain nails may look more natural, but it spoils the nails. It can be aggressive to the natural nail. They break down more easily than the gel.

Gel nails: You will often hear that it is good if you have short or slightly damaged nails. With this technique, you will obtain a natural result. Also, they are very easy to apply. As for the disadvantages, as with porcelain, the gel requires filling every three weeks. Visit a Jacksonville nail salon to try any of these styles.

French manicure

French manicure is essential to have an impeccable and natural looking nails. This type of manicure is discreet and sophisticated at the same time. No one will have better taste than you. So do not wait any longer, discover our tips to make yourself a French manicure and nails that look perfect!

The French manicure is a technique that originates from the US. It is a technique of applying white nail lacquer white at the end of the nail and then apply a layer of natural nail polish.

Permanent manicure

Permanent manicure is a technique used in nail enamel and gel. Traditional glazes allow a multitude of designs, but they easily deteriorate.
Instead, the gels used in the permanent enamel are stronger and last longer.

Gels soak off are used for this task and are applied as regular enamels but with a layer of a gel based on the principle. After this base gel, the color glazes and finally the top coat. It is necessary to use a LED lamp to harden the gel.

The duration will vary depending on the time it takes the nail to grow, and the enamel will scroll, and its renewal is necessary.
The advantages of this new technique are its lasting comfort thanks to its strength and perfect finish.

There are certain disadvantages to value when making permanent manicure. One is that not everyone knows how to do it, that is why you need to go to a reputable Jacksonville nail salon. Furthermore, enameled gels are more expensive than usual and gel cans. Once opened, they expire and dry rapidly. One of the major drawbacks is that this type of manicure weakens the nail, so it is not advisable to do regularly.

On the other hand, when making decorations have to be very tricky. Gels soak off they are complex when using them so make enameled color or French might need a certain time.

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