What Can Be Done For Free In Jacksonville, Florida?

As one of the most beautiful cities in Florida, Jacksonville offers a range of activities for citizens and visitors. Among the many attractions available are some things to do for free in Jacksonville. Here are some examples that are ideal ways to spend time without spending money.  Jacksonville, Florida is honored with an impressive coastline that includes a series of islands that separate the Atlantic Ocean from the Intracoastal waterway outside of Jacksonville.

Beaches And Ferries

Explore San Juan River and Jacksonville Beach

People can enjoy the breeze from the Atlantic during their visit. Jacksonville has miles and miles of white sandy beaches that provide an ideal place to be tan. The vast geography of the city creates numerous opportunities to go to the beach, not only on the Atlantic coast but along the San Juan River and several other bodies of water that surround the great city of Jacksonville. Strategically located along the stretch of beach has showers and bathrooms, lots of parking and outdoor terraces which are ideal to enjoy a picnic with your children or the entire family.

With an abundance of options, it is difficult to decide whether to get off by ferry by the San Juan River or the water taxi, go fishing or enjoy ecological kayak excursions. For water sports fanatics, there are lots of fun things to do such as surfing, wakeboarding or exploring the marshes where the unique fauna and flora abound.

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Walks And Riverbanks

Visit Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve

The city of Jacksonville has walk on the shores of its beaches and in the northern area of the San Juan River. These river walks encompass some of the best things to do in Jacksonville for visitors and locals such as shopping, eating, and sightseeing in one place. Visitors will enjoy magnificent cityscapes and sparkling waters. Relax in the national park that offers an impressive fountain located in a beautiful urban park neighborhood with tropical palm trees and landscapes.

For a step back in time, the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve offer a fun and educational experience for free in Jacksonville. It contains more than 46,000 hectares of intentionally virgin wetlands; the reserve is one of the last examples of old conditions on the planet. The combination of wildlife and rich vegetation extends over the land that includes such natural wonders as coastal dunes, salt marshes, and hardwood forests. Elevated roads allow visitors to see sections of the reserve, while observation stations provide a great way to see the view through the reserve. This is an example of things to do for free in Jacksonville that attracts visitors throughout the year.

To have the opportunity to learn more about the history of firefighting, the Jacksonville Fire Museum is a must as well when looking for things to do for free in Jacksonville. Located in an authentic fire station that was built in 1902, the museum is a treasure trove of firefighting equipment from days pass. One of the exhibitions of the centerpiece is the American fire truck LaFrance 1926, with a brilliant job of red paint. Children will be thrilled with the old style water pots and hoses, as well as the pictures of horses driven fire trucks and a track record in the development of the full-time volunteer and fire departments in the city of Jacksonville.

Relaxing In Metropolitan Park

As a great place to relax for free, nothing compares to the beautiful Metropolitan Park in the center of the city. Along with plenty of places to enjoy the shade and catch a breeze, there are good places to visit such as visiting a cheap chiropractor jacksonville fl for your spinal check up. Going to a chiropractor in orange park has been a good deal to maintain your back and spine. Moreover, there are outdoor concerts held several times a year. This twenty-seven hectares park, built on a vacant lot in 1984, is an ideal place to turn around a soccer ball, enjoy a picnic, or curl up under a tree with a good book.

It doesn’t take much money to enjoy Jacksonville. With an ample range of things to do for free in Jacksonville, almost anyone can have a great time.

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